Sunday, April 26, 2015

Phyto Andro Coffee Tongkat Ali Power Plus

Detail: Ingredients Our special premixed coffee, which is conveniently packed into packs of 20g each, contains: eurocuma longifolia (tongkat ali) panax radiax ginseng maca extract Instant coffee powder Non-dairy Creamer Sucrose Phyto Andro coffee is a new generation of herbals mixed coffee with rich Arabian coffee flavor. It gives you a high-powered with natural "pick-up" without the caffeine jitters. it revitalizes your energy level and improves overall health naturally. Phyto Andro coffee is natural coffee mixed variety of proven health benefiting herbs to reduce fatigue, increase alertness, expedites blood circulation, improving adrenal energy, muscle strength, increase vitality and immunity. Packaging: 10 Sachets per box Directions: Pour a sachet of healthy coffee into a cup (150ml). Add hot water and stir well. Drink hot or cold. WHY DRINK PHYTO ANDRO COFFEE: Start Feeling Great Immediately Better Concentrations Better Athletic Performance Ease of Weight Management Great Blood Circulations Reduce Fatigue & Lethargic Help Balancing Your Hormones Solve Erectility Dysfunction Avoid Poor Sex & Premature Ejaculation Solve Nocturnal No Adverse Reactions No Side Effects Are there any adverse side effects taking Phyto Andro coffee? There are no known adverse side effects to date, Due to the high potency of the ingredients and to improved blood circulation, it is normal experienced an increase in level of alertness. The active herbal ingredients in our beverage are well known for their wonderful benefits and safety on normal usage. A herb, like any other chemical compound, may have side effects to certain people. Being 'natural' does not make something automatically safe for everybody. Any adverse allergy reactions to an herbal remedy should be reported to your health professional. What happens if my children accidentally consume Phyto Andro coffee? It does not matter. It is safe and non-toxic. I am a diabetic. Can I take Phyto Andro coffee? Our beverage contains sucrose (sugar). You should know your own body sugar tolerance. Each sachet contains around 10 grams of sugar. We strongly recommend you seek professional medical advice. I have high blood pressure, can I consume Phyto Andro Coffee? Male erection is due to the flush of blood to the genital areas and our product enhances blood circulation. We have many customers who consume ONE sachet daily and are very satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, we do recommend anyone with any hypertensive or health problems to consult their respective health physician if still in doubt. DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As always, please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation, medication program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. This serves as information only and is not in anyway meant to substitute for any advice provided by your own physician doctor or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for prescribing any medication, curing, diagnosing or treating a health problem or any. Price RM400 or USD110.00


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