Sunday, April 26, 2015

Royal Honey Tongkat Ali Power Plus

Detail: Natural raw black honey produce by world largest bees in Southeast Asia forests (where the tropical rainforest is more than 100 million years old). This local raw black honey quality is the best in the world as the nutrition is so unique that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Honey benefits have been closely associated with human beings for a long time. More than 9000 years ago, in a rock shelter in the mountains of eastern Spain, an early artist recorded the exploits of a brave individual surrounded by bees reaching inside a cavity to steal raw honey The humble bees is one of the nature most amazing and enduring creatures, having survived for hundreds of millions of years. It is the only insect that produces a whole range of super foods that is sought after by all mankind. The super food that can make your heart stronger, look youthful, increase immune systems, increase the sex performance, good anti-oxidant, increase stamina and good complexion, wrinkle free and many more. Honey provides instantaneous replenishment of energy losses, being a rich source of carbohydrate. A teaspoon of honey provides 100 calories Medical research has proven that raw honey, can boost the man libido. Benefits: - Enhance immunity - Prevent arthritis and multiple sclerosis - Treat asthma - Slow the signs of aging - Stimulate hair growth - Improve sexual performance - Reduce symptoms of menopause - Accelerating the healing and consolidation of fractured bones - Lower cholesterol - Alleviate cardiovascular ailments - Remedy liver disease, pancreatic, insomnia, fatigue, ulcers, and digestive and skin disorders - Reduce tiredness and overwork, asthenia, anxiety states, insomnia and anorexia - Enhancing the synthesis of testosterone - Increase the energy level - Increase in sexual response and sperm quality Ingredients: ROYAL HONEY PLUS contains 93% Pure Honey, 1% Royal Jelly, 6% Mixture of Rainforest Herbs (5% Radix Eurycoma Longifolia, 1% Radix Panax Ginseng). Storage: Keep in dry place at room temperature. Dosage: 1 sachets daily. Packaging : 12 sachets 20g Price RM 400


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